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Flight Training

141 Flight Training

Being a Part 141 (FAA approved school) means that the FAA has approved and monitors our instructors, our curiculum, and our training records. Experienced instructors, using approved curriculum, add up to big benefits for the student! Whether you’re an adventurer or career oriented on track for the airlines,

In our FAA approved courses, stick and rudder skills are taught along with decision making and risk management. Our students are trained by experienced instructors to use safe procedures and to develop sound judgement that will help them make quality “Pilot In Command” decisions.

The Flight School of Gwinnett can help you meet your aviation goals!

Become a Private Pilot


Earning a Private Pilot Certificate is the first step in realizing your dream in aviation. This certificate will allow you to carry passengers and use the airplane for pleasure and travel.

Under our FAA Approval, one could complete the course with a total time of only 35 hours instead of the required 40 hours under Part 61 Schools. However, the national average is around 65 hours. The actual time it takes is based on the individual’s background, time restraints, and commitment. Realistically, one should not expect to receive Private Pilot Certificate at the minimum published time, but, generally, the more frequently one can fly, the less time it will take.

Becoming a Commercial Pilot

The Commercial Course (120 hours) and The Instrument Course (35 hours) will combine to be a total flight time of 155 hours. Although these are FAA Minimum Flight Times our experience has been that most student will graduate the Commercial – Instrument courses within 10% of these times.

Under Part 141 (FAA approved school) a Private Pilot Certificate is required to enroll in the Commercial Pilot Course. You must also be the holder of an Instrument Rating or be concurrently enrolled in the Instrument Rating Course.


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